Thursday, September 1, 2016

13 Herbs that curb sweating excessively esp for hyperhidrosis patients

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Hyperhidrosis - What Herbs To Take?

The herbs I’ve listed below are good either by themselves or mixed with the other herbs I’ve mentioned. You will notice that I have only given you a small list of herbs to choose from and that’s because the herbs to actually reduce sweating are not as numerous as those that can induce sweating!

It should also be noted that I haven’t given you any specific directions on what to do with any of the herbs, except in the “Herbal teas” section, for the very simple reason that I am not a qualified herbalist.

I am not in a position to tell you what amounts of the herbs you should take, besides which, since sweating is such a personal thing, the herbs needed for you will not necessarily be the same herbs, or the amounts which I myself am using.

This is why your best course of action would be to consult with a trained and qualified herbalist to find the right dosages and the right herbs for you.

As for the tea recipes which I have given you in the next section, these are the standard tea recipes and can be drunk by just about anyone. However, if you are pregnant, or taking any kind of medication, you will first want to consult your doctor to see whether these teas are good for you. Below is the list of herbs.

Sage -- since sage is such an all rounder when it comes to sweating and preventing or minimizing it, I have dedicated a separate section all by itself to sage, which comes after the “Herbal Teas” section.

Astragalus -- reduces sweating, balances the body’s sweat actions appropriately

Nettle -- provides relief for your body from overheating

Hops -- soothes

Peppermint -- gives your body a cooling effect

Milk Thistle -- improves the functioning of the liver

White Peony Root -- aids in the loss of sweating, balances your body

Oats -- relieve stress if you are sweating due to stress or anxiety

Fennel -- aids liver function

Motherwort -- relaxes and soothes

Sarsaparilla -- good for hot flashes

Licorice Root -- good for hot flashes

Red Raspberry -- good for hot flashes, also cools the body

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