Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to stop sweating uncontrollably especially with hyperhidrosis

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This is the part that you’ve really been waiting for. All those little snippets of information have only whetted your appetite and fueled your determination to find a natural remedy to deal with your perspiration problems.

Before we get to those however, I will take you through a very quick, whirlwind tour of some of the conventional options which are available to you to fight sweat and odor.

If you’re tired of hearing about these, and you want to go on to the section of “Dealing with sweat naturally”, feel free to skip ahead. This is only a brief overview of what all your options are.

Through conventional means: As I said in the earlier section, this is only to give you an overview of your options for dealing with sweat and sweat-produced odor. So if you decide that you want to go with these options after all and leave the natural methods for the birds, you will need to dig around for more information using other means.

And one of the better places to find information on these will be from your doctor. He/ she will normally be able to tell you which methods are suitable for you.

But for most people who prefer to stay with the more conventional methods, the antiperspirants and deodorants which line the grocery store, and drug store shelves, are your easiest options.

The other options listed here are either drastic measures, and/ or very costly. So you will need to weigh your options carefully.

Antiperspirants and Deodorants: The one thing that you probably didn’t know about these was that the FDA classes antiperspirants as drugs. That’s right, they class them as drugs, obviously not on the same scale as such things as mind controlling drugs, but under the classification of drugs (read: medications, here) which alter your body or your body chemistry in some way.

Deodorants on the other hand are classed as cosmetics and don’t come under the same stringent rules and regulations that antiperspirants do. In my book this makes both of the equally bad.

On the one hand, you have a product whose ingredients need to be approved as safe for usage by humans, and on the other hand, you have a product that requires very little approval on what ingredients it presents in its product.

Be that as it may, these are the products which are readily available for us to use, and it behooves me to tell you what functions they serve.

Antiperspirant for instance, will work on your body to prevent the sweat glands from functioning. The main ingredient in these is Aluminum Chlorohydrate which works on us by partially blocking the pores so that sweat cannot come through.

Deodorants work on a different line altogether and don’t actually prevent you from sweating. They cause no change in your body, nor do they prevent any of your bodily functions from working. Instead, deodorants work to eliminate odor. This, incidentally is why it has been classed in the cosmetic range, because it only works on a superficial level.

Most people believe deodorants to do the same job as antiperspirants, but this is just not the case. That’s why if you pick up a deodorant by accident at the supermarket you will come home to find out that it doesn’t work in stopping you from sweating.

Surgical Methods: These deal with making permanent changes to your body and inhibiting your sweat glands completely. This is a very radical step, so you really need to think hard about it before you have this procedure done.

Talk with your doctor about all your options, and if you want, you might also think about getting some counseling. Sweat can be a very serious issue if you have suffered because of it for most of your life, and although this might seem like the best way to deal with it, you will want to think hard on it before going through with it.

Also, talking with someone who is not part of your life, like a counselor or therapist or your doctor, will generally help you to get things in perspective. Just remember that once this surgery is performed it isn’t reversible.

There is also the little matter of side effects which you can get as a result of this surgery, and these you will definitely to know about beforehand. Make sure that you have all your facts before going in for surgery and make sure that you are one hundred percent sure that this is what you want.

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