Monday, September 5, 2016

Hyperhidrosis- Should I avoid Alcohol Coffee and Smoking

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All I can say is No. The bottom line is that all three listed in the heading, alcohol, coffee and smoking, are definitely not good for you. In fact they are downright bad for you. And maybe the most innocuous one among the three that I have mentioned in the heading, is coffee.

Millions of people guzzle this down as if it were their salvation to staying alive and wired, (and maybe it is!), but that still doesn’t make it good for you, nor does it make an essential dietary item.

When pertaining to sweating however, and how it can help - or rather hinder - your efforts to become sweat free, there’s only one thing that I can tell you. Being “alive and wired” is definitely not how you want your metabolism to be if you’re prone to sweating.

That was for the coffee. If you take alcohol and cigarettes, then you come to a different thing altogether. You might not be wired by drinking in moderation, or smoking, but the smell of both can linger in your body for hours causing your perspiration to smell.

Not only that it can also remain on your hair and your clothing until such time as you can find it within you to wash it off. But going back to the wired part, if you sweat excessively or if you know that sweat when you have alcohol, either stay away from it in it’s entirety of only take it in moderation.

Too much alcohol, besides giving you a hangover, can also make your system “wired”, and this will almost definitely bring out the sweating maniac in you.

So, coffee bad, alcohol bad, and smoking bad. All I can say is have fun in trying to give these up. These are three of the hardest things to give up, and along with trying to actually get some water into your system, these can contribute towards the most trying times for you. Persevere though and you will be amply rewarded.

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