Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Hyperhidrosis Diet Plan- Foods to eat and to avoid

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Foods you need to eat to control your hyperhidrosis

You will notice as you travel down this list that some of the items aren’t too specific, like for instance the very first item I have listed is, “Foods rich in zinc”. I felt that this said it all, really. What I was trying to get you to do with this was to look into having are foods rich in zinc, and not the specific food itself.

Sometimes, the very foods that I have listed as good for you might also belong to one of these overall groups, but I have listed them specifically because they serve the purpose you need very well, and serve to illustrate what type of foods I am talking about in general.

Foods rich in zinc
Foods rich in chlorophyll
Leafy greens
Raw vegetables and fruits
Sprouts (good source of chlorophyll)
Whole grains to aid in digestion
Watermelon to cool the body
Low fat or skimmed milk
Calcium rich foods
Lastly you should learn to cook using mono- or poly-unsaturated fats

Foods to Avoid:

Garlic, Onions, Fish, Red meats, Curries,Strong, hot or spicy foods, Fried foods, Heavily sweetened foods, Coffee, Large amounts of black Tea, Caffeinated beverages, Cinnamon, Reduce salt intake
Avoid polysaturated fats to cook with Vitamins and Supplements, Zinc, Magnesium, Chlorophyll, Vitamin B complex, Calcium

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