Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Know Your Building Construction Related To The Fire Service

http://www.rickyrescue.com/florida-state-fire-certification-classes/11-ffp-2120-building-construction-for-the-fire-service.html - Because it may well save your life and that of your crew. Being able to correctly and quickly identify a building structure upon arrival at a fire scene is critical for crew safety. Furthermore, how a building is designed and the materials it’s composed of has a huge bearing on what fire control methods are employed.
Modern building classifications for the purposes of building construction related to the fire service are:
• Fire resistant - Type 1 buildings. Construction materials are fire resistant. Internal structures are treated with fire-resistant coatings or protected by sprinkler systems.
• Type II - non-combustible. Built from the same materials as Type 1 buildings they won’t ignite. Internal structures however are not fire retardant treated so are prone to heat failure.
• Type III or Ordinary buildings are often old. Walls are generally masonry and internal structures are timber. Fire can rapidly take hold in these buildings.
• Old churches, warehouses etc with masonry walls and heavy internal timber structures are Type IV – Heavy Timber buildings. The heavy timber is somewhat fire resistant but will eventually burn if the fire is not extinguished quickly.
• Last but not least are the Type V or Wooden Frame buildings that form the bulk of our residential structures. These buildings burn very quickly.
Good Knowledge Of Building Construction Related To The Fire Service Critical
Knowing how each type of building construction is related to the fire service is a fundamental component of fire training. Enroll in FSFC course FFP-2120 Building construction related to the fire service today.

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