Thursday, November 17, 2016

CRI Landscapes Orange County California

A beautiful landscape is a vital part of your home and community. A well-planned landscape can save you money by reducing energy consumption. It also improves the quality of your local stream or pond and becomes a delightful place to spend your time.

Before you start to dig, it is wise to plan. The law requires you to call MISS Utility before starting major excavations. Look around your property and assess its physical conditions — what is shaded, what is rocky, where is it windy, where is the grass soggy day after day. If the project is larger than you can handle, hire a gardener, landscape designer, or landscape architect, or work with the staff from a local nursery to develop a plan.

CRI Landscapes is a fully licensed and insured landscape contractor servicing Orange County, Inland Empire and Riverside Counties in Southern California. CRI Landscapes brings over 25 years of landscape experience; specializing in new construction, enhancement and renovation projects, irrigation repairs and landscape maintenance for commercial, residential and industrial properties. We take pride in providing superior customer service, attention to detail and top quality installation for all your landscape needs.

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