Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fire Inspector 1 Online Course Tennessee - When it comes to Fire Inspector qualification in Tennessee, you can opt to take time out from your daily routine to attend formal college classes. Or you can choose to conveniently slot your training into your schedule as and when it suits you. Either option is a valid choice and either will meet the pre-certification requirements to take the Tennessee Firefighting Commission tests at the end of the course work. The difference is convenience and practicality.
If you choose to go with convenience and practicality, you can enrol in the Fire Inspector 1 Online Course Tennessee offered by Ricky Rescue Training Academy. The course is fully Tennessee Firefighting Commission approved, and Ricky Rescue Training Academy is likewise fully accredited by the commission to offer the courses.
The course uses the NFPA 1031 "Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner" curriculum. You will be taught the skill sets required to become a successful Fire Inspector 1 with the Tennessee fire services. Including fire code enforcement, hazardous materials identification, development of fire exit plans, conducting fire drills, inspecting fire systems and most importantly, about building construction as it relates to fire safety.
As a Fire Inspector you may additionally be called upon to collect evidence at fire scenes, be involved in compiling forensic reports and attend court cases. The Ricky Rescue Fire Academy Fire Inspector 1 Online Course Tennessee will equip you with all these skills and prepare you for a successful career as a Tennessee Fire Inspector.
The courses offered by the Academy are open enrolment style. Once enrolled, you can then work through the course work at your own pace, and in your own time. So no more having to try and juggle attending college with all the other things you have to fit into your busy day.
Contact Ricky Rescue Fire Academy for more information about this and other online TFC approved courses we offer.

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