Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Do these 7 Homeopathy Remedies Work for Hyperhidrosis Excessive Sweating

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Homeopathy and Hyperhidrosis - Does it work?

Homeopathy is best left to the experts in my opinion, so I have not given any dosage instructions. Homeopathy has been known to work to help you deal with sweat, so I have listed below a few homeopathic remedies which can be good for you.

For detailed instructions on dosages and which remedy us the best for your type sweating, please consult a homeopathic physician.

I have given first the treatment, and following that the symptoms that pertain to that particular treatment. It goes along the general lines of, if your symptoms are so and so, this treatment is the one for you.

Acidum hydrofluoricum -- if your sweat smells offensive; if cold weather relieves your sweating; if walking relieves your sweating; and if the sweat is worse on your head and scalp area.

Calcarea carbonica -- if your skin is damp or clammy; if it tends to become worse in wet weather, or from exertion or mental and emotional stimuli; if there is s sour smell emanating; if you are sensitive to colder weather and you are also overweight.

Lycopodium -- if your sweat smells unpleasant; if the perspiration is concentrated more on the feet and the arms.

Graphites -- if you have worse symptoms during the night time; if you are stout or overweight; and if your perspiration is offensive or foul smelling.
Psorinum -- if odor is constant and persists even after washing; if the skin looks dull or dirty.

Kali phosphorica -- if you sweat early in the morning; if cold weather affects you; if mental stimuli such as stress and anxiety affects you adversely.

Silicea -- if your sweat smells offensive; if you sweat mostly on the feet or underarms; and if you tend to have chilly hands or feet.

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