Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mike Boyle Sideline XPS Trainer Software Step By Step Video Guide for Remote Online Personal Trainers

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Personal Trainers can now train clients online or remotely via the internet! By using this revolutionary Personal Trainer Client Management Software included in Mike Boyle's BodyByBoyle Online Resource. Training athletes and clients online is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

If you are a personal trainer or strength coach that is not doing some kind of online personal training or distance coaching, you are turning your back on a very significant source of revenue.

Online training isn?.t just for your blog readers who live hundreds or thousands of miles away. What about that person who comes into the facility but can?.t afford $99 per session? Or that client who moved away? And what about that client who no longer comes to the gym because he or she can?.t afford training anymore? Maybe they know their way around the gym but just need an effective training program.

You can make them an online client at $199 per month instead of losing a customer altogether because of your facilities personal training price and a few hundred miles.

There are a few important steps for successfully training people online. First, make sure you provide them exercise videos with proper direction. Second, give them the ability to document their progress. And third, you must be able to track their progress and give them instant feedback. Online clients should not be treated like second-rate clients.

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This XPS Personal Training Tracking software allows you to connect with your clients like you never thought possible thanks to its detailed stat tracking. From looking at how your client is progressing in a lift, to viewing their food log (with macronutrient breakdowns of each meal!). All of this is presented in easy to read charts and graphs.

As Personal Trainers, if you are not making over $45,000/year, the first thing Mike Boyle would ask you is, ?﹞How much time do you spend on your education daily??︵ Do you watch the latest DVDs, go to the Perform Better seminars, listen to audio books or podcast, read articles or studies, reach out to other coaches and trainers to talk shop? And if you do all of those, maybe you just need to brush up on your business skills.

No one in the fitness industry wants to admit it, but you can?.t just change people?.s lives and neglect your financial well being. You need to make money and put a roof over your head too.

Receive an extra income stream by accepting and training clients online using this Personal Trainer Client Tracking Software.

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