Friday, August 12, 2016

Safe Minimal Impact Exercise Videos specially for Seniors aged 45 to 75 years old

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Get Follow-Along Instructions from the World’s Top Functional Fitness Experts for All Fifty to Seventy-Year-Old Men and Women

The Never Grow Old Fitness Manual

Inside this book we lay out the entire program including simple strategies you can implement immediately into your lifestyle to feel and look better. You’ll discover you don’t have to live in a gym or even go to one to see results.

You’ll discover the “7 Keys to Functional Training” and how you can use these 7 specific steps to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

You’ll also get plenty of pictures and descriptions of exercises, workout plans and more

The Science Behind the Never Grow Old Fitness Program Videos

During this presentation Cody will quickly explain to you how this program works and the scientific evidence supporting it. This is not just some random program.

It has been strategically created to achieve maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. This presentation will help you better understand why you are doing what you are doing in the exercise program.

Plus, you will learn the essential “7 Keys to Functional Training” that are the foundation of the program.

Level 1 Beginners
These workouts are designed for anyone new to exercise or returning to exercise.
These foundational workouts are a great starting point for anyone at any level, whether you have not exercised for 20 years or are an avid exerciser there are movements in here for everyone.

Level 2 Advanced Beginners
Okay, now it is time to pick up the intensity and complexity a bit. These exercise routines will begin to challenge your balance and center of gravity more, as well as take the level of intensity to a more moderate pace.

Level 3 Intermediate
These are the workouts that really will begin to separate your functional ability from that of your peers. With workouts that are challenging and intense, you will use muscles and movements you may not have used in years, and breathe new life into your physical functional ability.

Level 4 Advanced
These workouts are not for the faint of heart. Please be sure you have mastered the intermediate level before attempting. These are the workouts that will train you to be prepared for any adventure you may want to tackle in life!

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