Saturday, August 13, 2016

Steps to remove your genital warts by yourself at home

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A patient's recent testimonial:

"Last Christmas I noticed some mole looking bumps down there. I was hesitant to go to the doctor but decided to go in for a check up anyway. To my disbelief I was told I had genital warts.

I was horrified and didnt know where to turn...I was prescribed a stinging cream (I think it was a form of salicylic acid cream) which improved my condition but it was extremely uncomfortable and painful to sit after that. I tried many over the counter creams after that but nothing was working for me, the warts were still there. I even tried squeezing fresh lemon juice on them because I heard it helps.

I finally went back to my doctor who referred me to have them surgically removed and some burned. For the first few weeks everything seemed to have cleared.. until a few months later I began to see the bumps all over again! I  panicked, and didnt know where to turn and what else to do.

A close friend of mine, reffered me to a program online that she was previously on, called The 5 day Or Less Genital Warts Eradication System.

At first I was hesitant and wasn't sure whether to believe it or not knowing how many treatmeants I tried with little success.. but I was also desperate to try anything.. and couldn't stand to live with the condition. It was driving me crazy, and kept me from living a normal life! I saw that there was a guarantee so I knew I had nothing to lose.

I decided to at least try the program and began using the methods as soon as I got it. Not only were they simple to do but I was also happy that I could do them in the privacy of my own home using simple products I was able to get at my local mart..  I noticed a change almost immediately and saw the warts changing color.

The first day they turned gray then darker and darker each day after.. I knew something was going right and continued to follow the method. Just only four days after, the warts began coming off! I'm happy to testify that its been 1 year now and the genital warts have not only went away, but have never returned.

The 5 day Or Less Genital Warts Eradication System has changed my life and I'm confident it will do the same for yours. I no longer feel self conscious down there and it has improved my love life so much...I no longer get such anxiety taking my pants off.

If you are like me and are at the point where you are just feeling like there is no hope, don't give up. Just give it a try. Ashton even offers unlimited 24 hour email support which was really helpful for me.

Ashton, thank you so much for helping me end my embarrassment and suffering with recurring genital warts, I'm truly grateful." Jessica L. Harris, Enid Oklahoma

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